The Seed in the Sky

Above a peaceful planet, untouched by human hands, a rumbling vessel drifts through the clouds. Deep within the belly of the lumbering craft mechanical gadgets of steam and fire shape and form the creatures of the idyllic world below. When a new specimen accidentally finds its way into this assembly line of life, there is no stopping, no alerts, and no interruption of the timeless process. Life starts anew. Life ends. And life goes on.

Final Clip
I was really inspired by the textures and shadows from traditional cutout animation, but I wanted to take it a step further digitally.  Every single shape, creature, and machine was made from watercolor blended with macro photography of leaves.  Once I blended the two, I would cut random shapes and blend them together making my paper.  I used the paper to cut out and shape everything you see in the film.  Completely done in Photoshop and After Effects, I was able to create depth and natural movement to really bring the world to life.  The piece focuses on how life is both random and constant. 

Director: Dave Kiehl
Sound: Chris James Thompson
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